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Learn advanced insider tips that are so simple that even gurus are dumbfounded by how effective our methods are 🤣

Stop Paying For Expensive Ads

If you don’t have a budget to burn to run endless testing campaigns trying to figure out if people want to buy, then what are your other options?  Don’t worry, we have 20 specific ways you can generate relevant and qualified leads with NO ad spend.

Stop Posting In FB Groups

Everybody knows what you’re doing when you post “value” content in FB groups. Don’t insult their intelligence!! Learn how to attract people WITHOUT posting at all in FB groups!! 

Stop Chasing Leads With No Money

So your FB group posts have 3 likes and 1 comment right? And the people you’ve hopped on a call with are tire kickers who can’t afford your high ticket program, right? STOP doing what you’re doing and give us a shot to blow your mind.

Are you struggling to get clients and running out of time before you need to get a J-O-B?

What happened with the program you bought that promised you clients after following their system?? Are you burnt out and tired of sending DM’s only to get cheap & broke people on your sales calls? Time to make a change!!!


Your Posts In FB Groups Get Crickets For Engagement

You’ve been told to jump into relevant FB groups and start posting content…but you get little to zero engagement


You're tired of messaging back and forth with tire kickers

You’ve been told to send DM’s every minute or every day, yet you’re NOT making any money


Only your mom and 4th cousin comment on your posts

You’ve been told to post content everyday, do live videos, post 5 times a day in your stories but no prospects engage


you feel like you're wasting time and haven't made a dime

You’re spinning your wheels and losing motivation because your excitement has died down from the lack of results

Stronger & More Accurate Targeting Than Facebook Ads

Our organic methods of targeting rivals the accuracy of the FB ads platform, but gives you more control so you’re extremely clear on who you want to engage with and serve.

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Targeting At Its Finest

Our Program

Learn "easy-to-follow" strategies to get in front of your ideal clients and have them reaching out to you!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator, you’ll want to learn how we do things because, they’re NOT common 🙂 It will give you a leg up against your competition because we’re not vanilla haha See you on the inside.

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Digital Course

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  • Targeting Best Practices
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  • Advanced Social Strategies
  • $0 Ad Spend Approach

Course & Coaching

4 Week Intensive
$ 3800 One Time Fee
  • Full Digital Course
  • 4 High Level Coaching Sessions
  • Payment Plan (Option)

If you’ve tried everything and still haven’t produced significant results…then you haven’t tried us.

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Change the way you do organic marketing with our proven and effective strategies that are ninja in nature yet stupid simple 🙂

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